Conservation, Restoration and Repair

Conservation, restoration and repair by Metropolitan DecoratingWeather, disuse and improper display can cause once-gorgeous art to deteriorate over time. When that happens, you need to bring in a professional art conservationist who can restore its original beauty and help preserve its value. 

Art Restoration

From paintings and murals to decorative embellishments and sculptures, Metropolitan Decorating specializes in art restoration and conservation. Collectors and decorators from all over the world turn to Metropolitan Decorating to ensure their valuable art looks as fresh, crisp and new as it did when it was originally created.

Art Conservation

As art ages, natural processes can cause paint to chip or flake, rust and oxidation to occur, and mediums to sag or droop. The good news? With a highly skilled art conservationist, you can help slow the aging process and preserve the value in your pieces.

Little Rock Conservation and Restoration Services

Whether you’re looking for an art conservationist in Little Rock or you need someone to repair damaged paintings, sculptures and other types of art, you’re in the right place. Conservation and restoration specialist David Zoellner has more than three decades of experience and training that can ensure your art holds its value and continues to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Don’t let your valuable art continue to deteriorate. Call (501)529-2079 or send Little Rock’s premier art conservation and restoration service an email for a complimentary consultation today.